The Catherine Palace


Located in Tsarkoe Selo in Pushkin this lavish palace had a number of owners starting in 1752.  From Elizabeth (daughter of Catherine 1) to Catherine the Great this takes lavish to a new level!
The  amazing 900 ft long Baroque façade and window and ornamented window framings…


The glittering Great Hall with its illuminating mirrors and gilded carvings …
The famous Amber Room (no photos) with its carved reliefs and panels in Florentine mosaics were a gift to Peter the Great and destroyed by the Germans were recreated in all their glory…..a highlight!
To the Concert Hall  isolated on an island with a wide open ferry to accommodate the guests; the blue Grotto Pavillon and traditional warm and cold bath houses – these are truly beautiful surroundings….
Whether arriving or departing the Palace in your carriage you did it in style!





2 thoughts on “The Catherine Palace

  1. More great photos! I thought the famous Amber Room had disappeared, that there was no proof it was destroyed by the Germans. The Germans purportedly made the room ‘disappear’ along with many other treasured artworks. It remains one of those tantalizing mysteries of buried treasure somewhere, yet to recovered. No?


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