Fabergé Museum Dream Realized!


This great Museum and its collection of Carl Fabergé is located in the magnificently restored Shuvalovsky Palace and includes nine imperial Easter eggs.  The business was founded in St. Petersburg in 1842 and the tradition of Tsars giving their wives the jewelled Easter eggs began in 1885.  For as many times these have been seen in books….being here was a dream come true!!
You decide which one is more remarkable ….
Hard to imagine the beauty of these collections ….from the Russian silver produced from the 18th century to the objects of fantasy made by the House of Fabergé that were gifts from the Tsars…..outstanding and beyond in the craftsmanship….



3 thoughts on “Fabergé Museum Dream Realized!

  1. Mine too !! I commented several days ago but don’t see it !! 💋💋 YOU Are incredible !! The artistry of faberege is out of this world .. I saw a travelling exhibition in Montreal a couple of years ago WOW 😮


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