Senlis, France

This is a real jewel!  The Romans protected the city in the 3rd century with a 4 m thick wall flanked by 30 towers, the majority of which still exist today.  PIcturesque narrow streets and many  surrounding forests along with lots of museums. Must return!




2 thoughts on “Senlis, France

  1. These are axtraordinary photos, Bob and I drove around small villages which looked a little like you are seeing but your inside photos are unbelieveable. Are you driving yourself around? Looks like the weather is improving!
    You sound as though your St. Petersbourg visit was a total success, I am thrilled for you.
    My new painting is in the living room, I took down Bobs Mexican girl, which I put away! I am really loving it.
    You have lots of time to enjoy Paris, the more you get to know it the more you love it.
    Xo Renee


    1. Dear Ren,
      So glad you are viewing the blog….inside photographs are all taken with my iPadmini 4.
      My friend Nancy arranged for a driver to take us touring yesterday and indeed a luxurious way to visit these nearby places. Weather has turned again to chilly but better than rain! We all LOVED St.Petersburg and will return. Can hardly wait to see your painting!!! xx


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