When you misplace an ‘e’ in Paris..

This beautiful language knows where to place an ‘e’…..when meeting a friend on rue Bergère and I arrived at rue Berger – there was a real find never before seen on beautiful holiday Monday in Paris.


Seen along the way….when walking to the rue WITH the ‘e!
Tour Saint-Jacques is the bell-tower of the church which took 25 years to build (1508-1522) and St. James sits on top of the tower to guide the pilgrims who set off from here to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Enormous damage to the Church during the French Revolution and then sold to a man who demolished it leaving only the tower.
Les Halles …..a covered mall that lacks Paris charm but an interesting cover that would not likely be thought of as innovative.





4 thoughts on “When you misplace an ‘e’ in Paris..

  1. Finally figured this out, was putting the address into search at the top of the emails. Loving your photos, makes me quite homesick for Paris, have fun! Love Ren


  2. The curving glass and iron canopy over Les Halles has a certain beauty and is in sync with so much of Paris’s 19th century architectural history. Innovative, perhaps not, but still beautiful, harmonious and sensitive to local tradition. Your photos are terrific but may I make a request? When you post those delectable and amazing foodie shots, please provide some info about the dish? I need more details to fill out my vicarious and drooling experience!


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