Lavirotte Architecture

There is no doubt that I am a devotee  to architect Jules Lavirotte’s Art Nouveau façades which are unquestionably the finest in Paris!
 Lavirotte called upon Alexandre Bigot, a leading ceramics expert, to overlay his buildings and the building at 29 Rue Rapp was erected in 1900 for Bigot.  GIven full rein with straight lines being abandoned for entangled curves; it was the first time ceramics were used so extensively in Paris. Amazing  – I am sure you will agree!


The decorations around the front door are particularly glorious.  Foliage curved around and topped by two small figures flanking the face of a woman with her hair in a graceful chignon (likely the face of Mme. Lavirotte).


The entire façade is a mosaic of all sorts of embellishments and motifs in brick, stone and ceramics.

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