Three P’s in Paris….

Heat in Paris has arrived ‘en force’ and the fashions right along with it!  PJ’s are on the streets with a noticeable lack of lingerie which I believe is a statement vs. keeping cool……
Timing is right to discover the most divine ice cream in Paris and there are many long standing places to go but I can assure you Pozzetto is a must! The pistachio and nocciola (hazelnut) flavours are yet another reason to come back to The City of Light.
Summer strawberries are everywhere and you buy a flat because they are so sweet! With so many patisseries in this city; the total number would never be accurate just you can be sure to find one every two or three blocks.  This patisserie created desserts that were art with the fresh fraises…..face it my family have a thing about strawberries.



Do not think that popcorn comes to mind when it comes to Paris but Scarlett Johansson and her French husband opened this shop together in October, 2016.  Appears the shop has lasted longer than the marriage so if you want to try the Canadian Maple or Truffle and Parmesan I would hurry over…as longevity may have a challenge here.  Cute concept!






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