Hard to beat a birthday in Paris!

Thank you to treasured friends and family for their thoughtfulness and delight that this is the second birthday in a row to be celebrated in Paris.


James Joyce thought June 16 th was a special day….do you know why?
The French “Lys” a special cadeaux from artist and friend Olivier Sibertin-Blanc…


These beautiful antique perfume bottles are heavenly…more thanks my friends!



Garden genius….AndrĂ© Le NĂ´tre

No question that French landscaping was an art form in the 17th century as shown by André Le Nôtre who did the gardens of Versailles (pity the man whose garden Le Nôtre did before Louis XIV!)
 The role was to transform nature with complicated geometrical designs that were created in beds and paths.  The brilliant combination of the French love of rational design and the traditional Italian Renaissance garden was happily found.



A simple life…. not found at Versailles!

Welcome to the Château….my first visit to compare Peter The Great’s Peterhof Palace imagining he would have surpassed this grandeur….good effort but hard to exceed this palace.


The Royal Chapel,  where Marie-Antoinette was married to young Louis XVI; certainly this Chapel had a main focal point for worship – which would be Man…..incredible interior!
Marie-Antoinette’s…. softer look avec les enfants…no cake in sight.